Volunteer Testimonials

I am a retired nurse who found sitting at home after my daily housework was done-very boring! I decided to volunteer for Tridia Hospice of Dayton. I'm so glad that I have had so many good experiences. I have said that I have gained more than I have given and when a patient smiles and waves at you (even if he doesn't know your name) I realize how important volunteering is!

The patients have shared some of their life experiences with me. We have prayed together, even tried to teach me to say the rosary (I am not Catholic). The 96 year old nun got joy from trying to teach me and I will always remember her.

Many of the patients don't have family near so a volunteer helps to fill that void. The patient appreciates knowing someone cares.

The nicest, kindest and most joyful person I have ever met was a hospice patient who was totally incapacitated for 40 years and will forever be my inspiration!

Wanda R.

I have been with Tridia for over a year and it has truly been a great company to work for. Working here has allowed me to combine the knowledge I have in the sales world with my personal experience with hospice. I saw first hand how hospice helped my own father during his final months of life and knew it was something I wanted to provide to other families. Being able to educate others on the benefits of hospice and caring out our mission to “celebrate the significance of human life and recognize dying as a natural process” has been so rewarding. The Tridia team has become my second family and has made both my professional and personal worlds feel complete.

Melissa C. Marketing

I started out as a hospice volunteer because hospice took care of my grandfather and I saw the care and compassion that they offered and the great relief the volunteers offered to my family and I wanted to be a part of that.

Alex, Hospice Volunteer