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Despite all the advances in diagnosis and treatment, a cure is not always possible.  Other times, the burden of treatment may outweigh the benefits.  This is when Bella Care Hospice can help.  Some families are frightened by the word "hospice," believing that all treatment will be discontinued.  In fact, many types of medical care can continue.  Some people think that hospice is what you do when there is "nothing more" that can be done for an illness. Hospice is the "something more" that can be done for the patient and family when the illness cannot be cured. It is a concept based on comfort-oriented care.

Bella Care Hospice is a compassionate team of doctors, nurses, social workers, bereavement and spiritual coordinators, volunteers, and therapists.  Our team aims to focus on the quality of life for our patients by offering a holistic approach encompassing medical, physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of patients, communities, and families.  Bella Care Hospice provides individualized care to meet the patient's and family's needs.

In 2021 Bella Care Hospice received our second consecutive Deficiency Free Survey!  This accomplishment is yet another milestone as we continue our Mission.


The mission of Bella Care Hospice is to affirm and celebrate the significance of human life and recognize dying as a natural process. We carry out this mission by providing superior health, social, emotional, and spiritual services to enhance the quality of life with peace and dignity for patients and support for families.


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Our Locations

Bella Care Hospice (Akron/Cleveland Region)
216-453-0192 office (Cleveland)

Bella Care Hospice (Ashtabula Region)
440-536-8054 office

Bella Care Hospice (Cincinnati Region)
513-554-6300 office

Bella Care Hospice (Columbus Region)
614-473-0044 office

Bella Care Hospice (Dayton Region)
937-412-0210 Office

Locations We Serve

Locations We Serve